Note: Because I recently remarried, my name has changed from Suzie Buller to Suzie Rosse.


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February, 2004

Professional Pest Control has been a vendor with Kean University for the past several years. During that time, the owners, Keith and Sue Buller, have established an excellent relationship with the staff at Kean. All our pest control needs are handled in a professional and timely manner, and all emergency problems are addressed immediately. Any questions or concerns that arose have been answered to the satisfaction of all parties. It is without hesitation that we would recommend Professional Pest Control to serve the needs of the community.

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March 12, 2004

Subject: Professional Pest Control

To Whom It May Concern,

Trust and confidence are the two hardest things in any relationship to establish and the easiest to lose.

For twenty years Keith and Suzie have had my trust and confidence. I feel they truly care about my needs and are very passionate about resolving any pest control issues at my business or home.

They know their business; they have compassion for what is bugging their customers; and they do their magic in an efficient, ecologically sensitive manner. All this and they are really great people whom I enjoy very much.

I recommend you call the PROFESSIONALS if you have PESTS that need CONTROL.


Bruce Groner,

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Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Professional Pest Control Service, LLC

To Whom It May Concern:Checking tin cat by bay doors in DC 3

The Curtis Specialty Papers business in Milford, NJ will cease its operations on June 13, 2003. This will cause the termination of the paper mill’s long-standing relationship with Professional Pest Control Services.

Professional Pest Control was contracted in 1991 to be the primary source of extermination services for our facility. Owners Keith and Suzie Buller have proven to be an invaluable asset to the overall cleanliness of the paper mill.  Their general caring and concern for the condition of our plant has been exemplary. They have done a complete and thorough job on a regular basis and have been more than willing to respond to any emergencies that may have arisen.

Our facility has been in the manufacturing of food grade papers and, therefore, has had to conform to AIB International (American Institute of Baking) standards. Keith and Suzie have been instrumental in our facility’s excellent overall rating by the AIB over the years. Their assistance in preparation and documentation has been second-to none.

It is my pleasure to recommend Professional Pest Control Service to your company. You will find that the services provided for the cost will be unbeatable. Keith and Suzie will prove to be an asset to any company.


James J. Henshaw

Safety Director and Converting Superintendent


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